In the era of disruptive digital transformations, there are 5 things we need to know as HR technologists to survive and win

In the era of disruptive digital transformations, there are 5 things we need to know as HR technologists to survive and win

In a raging tornado of change fueled by digitization, mobilization and automation, are you an organisation driving change or are you being driven by it? A question I led with in my discussion today with diverse business leaders, HR professionals and technologists to discuss digital transformation, its impact on every business and equal importance in the HR world.

Truth to be told, disruption has penetrated every industry and every aspect of our lives. We have seen big changes in our field specifically in recruitment, learning and development, attraction and retention of talent, onboarding processes and much more…

2 interesting days I have spent with diverse professionals, great audience and fabulous speakers sharing experiences, trying to align our understanding around what digital transformation means in the world of HR, how can we be more strategic and active in leading this transformation, in addition to sharing respective learning and success stories.

Below is a snapshot of the great things shared in the room around what is happening in our HR world:

  • The growth in the use of Chatbots’ in recruitment processes across several organisations and how AI is replacing some of the well-known psychometric assessment tools.
  • The use of revolutionary and super cool tools rising in the learning and development field with the use of AI to make our internal learning platforms as exciting and attractive for our workforce. We want it to be another Netflix! To succeed, learning has to be accessible to all, on any device, anywhere, anytime and linked to any content or knowledge we pick up, be it from YouTube, TEDtalks, HBR, and many more…
  • Virtual Reality, although traditionally associated with the gaming industry, has become a great option to unify our onboarding processes across the world and enhance significantly our employee experience. Not only, VR has become an affordable and possible alternative for us as HR but also has proven to reduce tremendously the admin hours we spend as HR teams on onboarding new hires.
  • As HR Director in Schneider Electric, I was so excited and proud to finally share our “Open Talent Market”transformation. Open Talent Market (OTM) is a disruptive technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the supply and demand of talent throughout Schneider Electric and give wings to internal mobility.

As a result of these insightful conversations, there are 5 things we need to know as HR technologists to win in this disruptive era:

1- If we want to be more strategic, we need to stop solving HR problems and start solving business problems.

2- We need to demonstrate agility at every level to lead a change in culture, programs, processes and policies.

3- A digital Transformation in any field SHOULD be about solving a problem and not about promoting technology.

4- Digital Transformation can and will probably be different for each company. What is truly critical, is the internal alignment on what this transformation WILL or WONT do for the business. It is not about making progress over perfection!

5- HR digital transformation should be about enabling the organisation to exist and thrive in a digital world.

A fantastic and educational get together of like minded professionals who are all excited about the future of the world of work and how we, as HR technologists can use it in supporting our business achieve its goals.

Special thanks to Ashley Boots, Joe Hayes, Dr. Shanavas Koya, Dr. Amit Singh, Dr. Zakir Malik, Vaibhav Mahajan, Manish Mohan Misra and many more fantastic speakers who made these 2 days exciting!

Written by
Sarah Tabet
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